War Thunder Free Golden Eagles – Online Hack Tool, Cheats & Tips

War Thunder Free Golden Eagles – Online Hack Tool, Cheats & Tips

Today, we bring you a way to get free Golden Eagles in War Thunder, as well as a few hints and tips to help you get better at the game.

War Thunder Golden Eagles Hack

Gaijin Entertainment specializes in MMOs with two titles that are at the heart of the studio’s games catalog: Crossout and War Thunder. If the first one is already available for a moment, today marks the arrival of the second on our console with several packs that allow obtaining early access to the game before its launch in free-to-play this summer.

Unlike World of Tanks, War Thunder offers clashes with 32 players both on the ground, in the air and now in the sea since this is the main novelty of the game that is launched as a beta on all platforms.

free golden eagles for war thunder

Now, enough of the on to, on on to the War Thunder Hack:

By using this tool, you will be able to get free eagles for war thunder whenever you want.

To do this, simply click on the button below to go to the online War Thunder golden eagles generator.

War Thunder Tips

In War Thunder, you can unlock premium features and vehicles with the valuable Golden Eagles. We’ll tell you how to get them.

Friends Invite for Golden Eagles in War Thunder

In general, Golden Eagles are primarily intended as a payment currency that you get for money to War Thunder to finance it. But here and there you can also pick up some free eagles.

  • When you invite friends to War Thunder, you will receive various rewards – including Golden Eagles – depending on the number of friends invited and their success in the game.
  • Each invited person will receive 50 Golden Eagles as a starting bonus.
  • On the other hand, you will receive 50,000 Silver Lions for each invited player who makes it to No.
  • Each player in third place will bring you another 100 Golden Eagles.
  • And for each of your friends who makes it to no.5, you’ll get another 500 Golden Eagles.
  • In addition to these 600 Eagles per invited player, there are sometimes bonus promotions that lure with even more Golden Eagles.
  • You will also receive an additional team seat if ten of your invited players reach 3rd place.

Golden Eagles through War Thunder events

The War Thunder community team regularly organizes special events that promise not only the pure fun of the thing but also a decent sum of the coveted Golden Eagles.

  • In the official War Thunder forum, you will find the Events & Contents.
  • Here, especially creative minds can dust off many Golden Eagles, as regular fan creations such as videos, skins and any kind of art are sought and awarded.
  • The monthly screenshot contests are a little easier – but also with more competition and less prize money – where there are at least a few hundred Golden Eagles to pick up.
  • It’s also worth keeping an eye on War Thunder’s official social media channels, as special events and prizes can be announced in addition to the forums. Above all, observe Twitter and Facebook. Special streams will also be announced here.

War Thunder is a particularly action-packed Free2Play game, but it’s not alone on the vast battlefield of the World Wide Web.

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