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Injustice Gods Among Us hack


This is a test report in which we reflect our impressions immediately after starting a game. I’ve already talked about my love for comic books on these sacred Farscape pages.And although I talked extensively about the Marvel Universe back then, I’m also a big fan of DC’s content.

If you have no idea about the content DC is currently dealing with, let me update you. In general, DC’s contemporary comic books contain darker and more emotional character studies, as opposed to traditional nonsense.

So who better to adopt a modern approach to the DC universe in video game format than the people behind Mortal Kombat?

Or maybe not

The 3v3 bouts have not developed at all in the last few days. In fact, I have found that victories come too easy. In addition, the game is already a slog, my progress is stopped only by the energy system of the game and my general apathy to the offer.

Combat generates power to unleash special abilities – similar to the Alpha Meter in Street Fighter Alpha. So you build up this power-up by hitting the snot out of your opponent, then triggering the movement by tapping the meter and quickly pressing a screen prompt.

However, there is no technique that can be learned here. No subtlety in implementation.The movement either comes into contact and causes damage or not.

The quickest way to defeat your opponent is to double-tap, swipe, wait on-screen, and follow his instructions. You can try to change things, but why bother. Especially if this technique is done with minimal resistance.

There is not even a positional game that you have to master because you can not move your character manually. If you get knocked down, your hero will get up again, approach the enemy, stop at a reasonable distance and then restart the scrap. The blocking option is also treated incorrectly, as you can successfully defend an attack only about a third of the time. Your block input does not seem to be recognized fast enough to take effect before your opponent has hit.

My characters, who are presented as cards, are also gaining experience and improving their skills. You can allegedly add these experience points to your character and change the way he plays something. I have not dealt with this element yet, so I’m not sure what the impact will be.

I am aware, however, that the browsing through the menus is cumbersome. Selecting the mission you want to take next takes longer than necessary because your flicks often do not register. Well, unless you are incredibly precise. Luckily, the Injustice Gods Among Us Hack has been helpful to Android and iOS in many ways. You too should give this Injustice Gods Among Us Cheats a chance.

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