How to Get Free Gems on Cooking Fever

How to Get Free Gems on Cooking Fever

Can’t get on with Cooking Fever because you lack diamonds? With the Cooking Fever Hack apk, this problem will be solved by being able to generate diamonds and coins for your account for free. These Cooking Fever Cheats will teach you How to Get Free Gems on Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever Gems Hack

Cooking Fever Gems Hack

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Tips and tricks

Cooking Fever is a time management game in which you test your ability to work under pressure. With RPG-style upgrades, frenzied action and fresh visual effects, the game stands out from other cooking games. In this game you should prepare all kinds of food and serve your customers. You have to win and grow your business to win the game.

If you’re not familiar with the game, you may need a guide or complete solutions to learn how to play it. If you continue to play, you’ll need some new Cooking Fever Cheats, tips, tricks and strategies to get more diamonds and coins. Learn how to get better with the game with the help of this guide. Here are 6 tips to unlock your game potential and win more diamonds and other valuables.

Prepare your food early enough

Keep some of your groceries ready before customers flock to your restaurant. Customers don’t complain about pre-made food, and there are warm-ups to keep food at the right temperature. Whether you cooked it an hour ago or 5 minutes ago, you earn the same amount of coins.

The drinks fill up, so you don’t have to worry about preparing them in advance. At the beginning of the game, cooking equipment for foods such as hamburgers and hot dogs is limited. These are the types of foods you should prepare before customers arrive.

Tip: Reduce your customers’ waiting time to increase faster and make more money.

Improve your kitchen

You have the option to upgrade your kitchen when you finish with level 1. The aim of the modernization of the kitchen is to increase the cooking performance. Upgrades allow you to cook multiple foods at the same time. Use the money you’ve earned so far to buy more efficient cooking appliances. You can also sell the old equipment and use the money for the upgrade work.

Set up your restaurant

how to get free gems on cooking fever

Upgrading your restaurant is to make your customers comfortable and happy. In the game there are 8 restaurant locations: Breakfast Cafe, Fast Food, Bakery, Sushi, Pizzeria, Chinese, Indian and Italian. Install new bar stools, tables, TVs and disco balls in all these places. Your restaurant’s reputation is improved with each upgrade. Your customers give you tips, talk to other customers about your restaurant and expand your customer base.

Repeat completed levels

Repeat the levels with low scores and strive to achieve maximum scores. You’ll get extra diamonds to enhance your kitchen and restaurant. You can also earn Gold Stars and Experience Points that come with bonuses.

Increase your food prices

This is a great strategy, especially if you don’t have enough coins in the game. Your customers may not like it, but it’s a great way to keep your business going.

Understanding customer facial expression and mood

As the game progresses, customers can be happy, anxious, sad, or angry. There are a number of things that can affect your customers’ mood, including waiting times, food quality and restaurant décor. You should be able to understand their mood and act accordingly.

Tip: Keep your customers happy and make your restaurant your preferred destination. With many customers, you’ll rise faster and earn more diamonds. These can also be generated with the Cooking Fever Hack for Android and iOS, even for free. Cooking Fever Cheats are very useful in many matters.

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It is easy to make use of the Cooking Fever Hack 2019. Those who follow this guide will stay on the safe path and will have a lot of diamonds within a few minutes. The Cooking Fever Cheats can of course be used several times, just visit our site if necessary and start it again.

Choose your destiny in the kitchen

In Cooking Fever you have to “live” the waves of customers who ask you about all kinds of fast food: burgers, sodas, hot dogs (cooking fever diamonds)… As a seller, you must follow the necessary steps to prepare each meal and order. For example, to cook a good burger, you have to put the bread on the plate, put the meat in the pan, take it out (make it too long and it will be burned and you have to throw it away!) And put it in bread (cooking fever cheats).

The rhythmic and microchip management skills will be key to success in cooking, especially if you go through the tutorial levels and are overwhelmed by many customers at the same time. Take too long and your customers leave their anger … and they do not pay (cooking fever diamond). Be fast and be so happy that you get a tip (cooking fever tips).

Until now, Cooking Fever looks like a typical cooking game (cooking fever jewels). What is special about it? Two elements: progress and management of the plant (cooking fever hack apk).

At the end of the round or on a culinary level, you can invest your money in better kitchen appliances (cooking fever diamond cheat). Improve your frying pan and the meat will be made earlier. Buy more patterns and you can store more food and help with recipes (cooking fever diamonds cheat English). You choose what you want to improve by breaking one of the curses of this type of game: linear progress (cooking fever diamonds casino).

After several rounds, you can invest money with the game to improve the look of your restaurant. This component is more strategic than it seems: to entertain customers with better TV and longer. Also in this part of the game, you feel like you’re controlling the Cooking Fever directly, not the other way around (cooking fever diamonds 2019)!

A lot of patience

Cooking Fever is not a 100% free game, ladies and gentlemen. The title includes optional microtransactions that can help you quickly improve your equipment or accelerate progress. You can quit Cooking Fever without paying, but often you need to repeat levels to get enough money to improve your gear. You will need a lot of patience.

Cooking Fever has good control, for which I was grateful in the most stressful moments. In these games, there’s nothing more to hate than if I’ve lost time, for example, because the title doesn’t realize that I want to send an order to the customer.

On the aesthetic level, the culinary fever is pleasant and charming, without overloading the colors that slow down the operation of older appliances. Each interactive element is designed to be easily recognized when you’re in the middle of frenetic cooking, which is the most important thing.

Definitely recommended

Cooking Fever surprised us a lot. We were expecting another culinary game and found a title that recognizes that it is stagnating in the genre and needs a revolution. Unlike other similar games, Cooking Fever takes control of your strategy and the way you want to grow. We never thought we would talk about strategy in the kitchen game, but we’re sure you didn’t read that recommendation.

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