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About Pocket Troops

Pocket Troops is a kind of mouth-sized war game that works well on a mobile platform. It’s so involved that it keeps your attention, and you never feel like wasting your time here. Plus the tiny, angry army guys are adorable!

There’s a weird backstory with a bad guy planning to take over the world to make everyone wear black – because everyone looks fine in black, obviously – but you’ll probably spend more time against other players or to fight any enemy, than to continue with the story. Mostly because story missions increase rather quickly (and can not be repeated) and because the card is constantly overcrowded by such encounters.

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These battles are mostly freehand, which can be both good and bad, depending on what you are looking for. When performing in story missions or in random clashes with enemy soldiers, you have a small amount of control – meaning calling things like air strikes, healing troops between battles, and setting goals before the start of a battle.

What I actually get back to Pocket Troops is the progress of my soldiers. To train them (ie to increase certain statistics such as health and accuracy by spending cash in the game and waiting longer), you can acquire / combine / equip them (including some of them) by regularly battling (unlocking the additional slot) and various abilities can be shared with other soldiers), this creates a fairly satisfying sense of achievement. Granted, it may take some time if you have limited training slots and a tiny armory, but I enjoy it more than the actual fight. Which is funny.

I also like it very much that there is no nonsense about energy meters like many other free mobile games. Instead, you can send your troops on as many missions as you want, but you have to wait until they heal themselves at the base when they are knocked out. Theoretically, if you have a solid winning streak without losses, you could just keep playing. Of course, someone is inevitably knocked out, and the more powerful they are, the longer it takes them to get back on their feet, but the waiting times are pretty manageable and you can still complete missions with your remaining soldiers.

That is, I wish there was some more explanation for the different soldiers. You get a small preview of the potential skills that can be unlocked during recruitment, but something descriptive would be very helpful. Even if it’s something as basic as letting the base assault rifle troops aim more at storming right at the enemy and getting closer. At the moment, it feels like you have to move through the first steps until you can find out for yourself.

As simple as it is and how little direct interaction it may be, I find the game quite enjoyable. It’s perfect for a few minutes at a time whenever you have a free moment and desire. And I love it when I train and improve soldiers. But it will definitely not fade anyone with its strategic depth. Of course you can also do a lot with the Pocket Troops Hack for Android and iOS. Our Pocket Troops cheats are the best on the internet.

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