Free Random Fortnite Account Generator + Skins – Alts

Free Random Fortnite Account Generator + Skins – Alts

Starting today, you can use our Fortnite account generator for free.

That’s right, free

To claim your free accounts just on the button below

online generator

Once you get to our online generator, you just need to select how many accounts you wish to claim and then click on the generate button.

Fortnite Account Generator

Within 30 seconds, you will have the login details to your new account.

How is this different from the other Fortnite accounts generators?

The difference between our tool and other ones you may find online is that we only give each account out once.

With other sites, you will be given an account that is part of the same list that everyone has access to, and those accounts are not removed from the list once they are claimed.

This results in many people accessing the same accounts or receiving banned accounts.

We don’t have this problem

Once login details have been generated, the account is then removed from our database and only added again if it has not been claimed (logged into) for 30 days.

Do I get free skins?

free fortnite skins

This is the best part of our service

EVERY Fortnite account comes loaded with all of the best skins and emotes

No more spending a fortune on v-bucks to get the skin you want

Could I merge these generated accounts with my own personal account?

Of course

Just follow the steps given here and you will be able to merge your own epic profile with the new one so you will be able to keep all of the cool free skins that you claimed.

Are there any risks?

All of the accounts are fully verified and will not be banned in the future as long as you select the correct region on the generator’s interface.

e.g. If you are from Europe, then make sure you generate a European account

If you do this then you will have not problems in the future

Game Info

“Fortnite” is one of the greatest gaming trends of modern times and is played mainly by kids and teenagers. Things are really going on in the “Battle Royale” mode: 100 players are battling each other until just one player is left. The level of violence is slightly diminished by the comic look

I hope I have answered all of the questions that you could ever ask about the Fortnite account generator.

If you do have any questions or problems, then feel free to contact us at and we will do our best to help you (please allow up to 48 hours for us to reply)

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